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How To pip install From a Private GitHub Repo

Building custom libraries for your code base becomes essential as soon as you have multiple Repos of code that interact with one another.  Otherwise you will end up duplicating code, causing horrible maintainability problems down the road.  For our python stack we wanted to have a common code library, stored in a private GitHub Repo, that could be easily installed using pip.

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Solving sslv3 alert handshake failure on MacOSX

While trying to make a GET request from inside python3 on my Macbook I ran into this:

error: ssl.SSLError: [SSL: SSLV3_ALERT_HANDSHAKE_FAILURE] sslv3 alert handshake failure (_ssl.c:600)

After doing a lot of reading of incomplete or incorrect blogs, this is how I fixed it.

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Running an AWS Lambda Function Inside a VPC with Internet Access

Lately I have been neglecting my blogging in sacrifice towards getting more work done. However, I am still reading my books and writing notes as I go.  I will continue my review series soon.  However, today I am going to discuss the solution to a problem I struggled with for several hours.  That is, getting an AWS Lambda function running inside a VPN but with access to the internet.

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Tech Startup Reading List

When I first started my project I wanted to also start reading books that would help me with the parts of the project I felt least comfortable with (namely the non-tech aspects of starting a startup).  I began by just borrowing a book from a friend called Hot Seat: The Startup CEO Guidebook By Dan Shapiro.  But where to go from there? I looked a several “Top Books For Startup Entrepreneurs” lists and found they all were different.  What books would give me the most bang for my buck?